About Us

It all started with a walk down memory lane…

Having cultivated over 25-years of experience working in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, our team of seasoned consultants had gathered together to exchange stories about our global and domestic business experiences in project management, finance, and the commercialization of emerging technologies. We each experienced many pearls and pitfalls and after some conversation, we quickly came to realize that regardless of the field we played on, the common hurdles we faced as entrepreneurs were the same.

What were the hurdles you ask? A lack of useful business management tools and resources for small to mid-sized businesses that were accurate, affordable, and easy to use.


Following our own frustrating experience of having to navigate through a hugely overpopulated and largely disconnected pool of resources, it was natural for our team to want to simplify the business management and operations process for ourselves and for other small to mid-size businesses. We recognized that businesses were desperately seeking support – whether they were start-ups or trying to take their business to the next level.  Eventually our solution manifested.


This is the story of how the Pro Manager V All-In-One Business Management Platform and Pro Manager V Global Business Consulting Platform were developed.